How To Calculate Percentages In Excel


Percentages in Excel


In this short tutorial we are going to talk a bit about the basics of percentages in excel. If you regularly work with calculations, you might also need to work with percentages. You surely know that Excel can handle them very well, let's take a closer look at it. 

Convert decimals to percentages


First of all let's start with a conversion: we need to turn decimals into percentages in the needed cells.

To display a number as a percentage in Excel simply right-click on the cell that contains a decimal and choose Format Cells. You can do this for multimple cells, columns or rows as well.


how to calculate percentages in excel


In the first tab (Number) choose Percentage. Here you can also set the number of decimals you would like to see in the cell. Now hit OK and the decimals will be converted to percentages in the chosen cells.


how to calculate percentages of a number


Calculate percentages


So let's see what can we do with percentages, well we can calculate them.

If you check the image below you can see that in contains items, inventory and the maximum number that our inventory can have. To find out how many items we have in the inventory in percentages let's do this:

First try to create the same table then click on the first cell below the cell that contains 'Percentage' and enter this formula: =(B2/C2)*100


how to calculate percentages difference


Now hit Enter and you'll get the actula percentage of the total possible inventory. Click the little green point in the bottom-right corner of this cell and drag it down to calculate the result for every row you need.

One thing that doesn't look quite well is that we have the percentage in the cell with six decimals, to fix this select the cells from the last column, right- click and Format cells. Click the Number from the list and set the Decimal Places to 0.


percentage calculator decrease


How to calculate percentage change

A commonly needed calculation with percentages is where we need to find the percentage change between two values. Let's see how to do this in Excel.

In the picture below you can see two prices for each item, we will use the percentage change formula on the last column to find out the percent change between the two values.

Now you need to create the same table that you see in our image, sure the items and prices can be different.

Make sure that the cells in the last column are set to percentages. To do this right-click on the cells and select Format Cells. In the first tab called Number find and click the Percentage from the list and hit OK.


percentage calculator in excel


Click on the first cell near the item's new price in the last column and enter this formula: =(C2/B2)-1


number to percentage calculator


Click the little green point in the bottom-right corner of this cell and drag it down to show the results for every row you need.

You might be interested in this article as well: how to calculate percentages if you want to know more about the theory behind the calculation process.



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